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Utilize beer yeast mud to extract season fluid, sauce

Patent number: CN 1073328A

This invention utilize the protein of beer yeast mud, via de-sundry, exclude bitterness and exclude odor, make salt and compound enzyme as accelerant, autolyze decompounds under the described temperature, then get autolyze decompounded liquid which contain great nucleotide and amino acid, after separating treatment, then convert with natural brewing saucer or other season fluid, shall produce biological new product which have high content of nucleotide and amino acid, namely special delicious season fluid or special delicious saucer product.
Its process feature: autolyze decompounding accelerants are salt and compound enzyme, autolyze decompounding temperature 40 -65 ℃ , PH 4.2-7.5 , time 16-28hr; then add salt to autolyze decompounded liquid at 80 -95 ℃ react 45-60min , after clearness, separate to upside bright liquid and emulsion, then convert to saucer or other season liquid, add other spicy substance, can make special chaffy dish etc. products.
Make waste yeast mud changed to treasure, decrease pollution to circumstance, and have good economic benefits and social benefits.



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