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Inner cycle anaerobic IC reaction device (brewery sewage treatment)

一、IC reaction device formation
IC reaction device is combined by 1st anaerobic reaction room and 2nd anaerobic room, each anaerobic reaction room top separately sets a gas-liquid-solid three phases separator, like as two UASB reaction devices overlap in series. The gas gathering top sets up methane rising tube to gas-liquid separator on the IC reaction device top, the bottom of the gas-liquid separator sets up a return tube to IC reaction device bottom.

二、IC reaction device working principle
The feature of IC reaction device is to make the organism catabolism divided two phases in one reaction device. Bottom is a phase (1st reaction room) lies in high load, top is the other phase (2nd reaction room) lies in low load. Sewage feed from reaction bottom to 1st room equally combine with anaerobic parcel mud, most organism will be decomposed here and transformed to methane which will be gathered by 1st anaerobic reaction room and rise along the rising tube, at the same time make the compound liquor in 1st reaction room rising to gas-liquid separator on IC reaction device top. The separated methane exclude from the top tube of gas-liquid separator, the separated mud compound will return to 1st reaction room bottom along the return pipe and fully combine with bottom mud and feeding sewage, realize the inner cycle. The effect of the inner cycle is to make 1st anaerobic reaction room not only has very high biology volume, long mud age and great rising rate, normally 10 ~ 20m /h, make the mud in this room complete reach to flow state, then greatly improve the capacity to exclude organism of 1st reaction room.

The waste water after 1 st anaerobic reaction room treatment shall automatic enter into the 2 nd anaerobic reaction room to operate continuous biological reaction. The 2 nd reaction room liquor rising rate less than 1 st reaction room, normally 2 ~ 10m /h. This room also acts as buffer section between the 1 st reaction room because of the rising rate decrease, the buffer section has important effect to prevent mud run off and ensures the outlet water quality after settlement. Residual organism of waste water can be more discomposed by 2 nd reaction room anaerobic parcel mud, make the sewage more refine, improve outlet water quality. The methane is gathered by 2 nd reaction room gas gathering, via gathering tube enter into gas-liquid separator. The compound of 2 nd anaerobic reaction room operate solid-liquid separation after settlement, the upside light liquor exclude from outlet pipe, settled mud can be automatic return to 2 nd anaerobic reaction room.

From above specification, we can see IC reaction device practically combined by two UASB reaction devices overlap in series. Use the methane from 1 st UASB reaction device as the power, realize the downside compound inner cycle, make the waste water get intensified pro-treatment; Upside 2 nd UASB reaction device continue afterwards treatment and make the outlet water reach to anticipated treatment effect.

三、 benefit
1. Waste water treatment effect good, after anaerobic treatment, waster water COD decreases to 10 times from inlet to outlet, reaches to 150mg/L, can discharge city sewage pipe.
2. IC reaction device structure is simple, electricity consumption low, no drive fittings. No fray and need not maintenance.
3. Occupied area is small.



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