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Fully automatic polisher

      Our beer equipment passed national appraisal and achieved the second-class prize of Chinese Light Industry scientific and technological progress award. We continuously develop many types of equipment for energy spare, environment protection in beer development area, and wined users’ appraisement. Lately several years our company made much research and development on high sanitation standard polishing of big scale equipment inside wall. Presently our company applies high-tech automatic computer control polishing equipment on brewery stainless steel fermentation tank, including the old or new tank inside precision polishing, also can polish the old tanks which have been used for decades years.
Operate continuously mechanic polishing from the cone, cylinder body to seal head top, reach to the user’s requiring smooth degree, including the old tanks of brewery, winery, medicine factory, chemical plant. Our polishing equipment is small and easy to carry. The polishing equipment adopts Siemens computer control technology, and configures import detector, Japan import decelerating device, American import plastic polishing gridding belt etc. to compose the polishing system.



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