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Name:Supply whole set of middle test beer production line equipment

The whole set of middle test beer production line is mainly used in brewery and junior college technology center to develop beer new product, new beer variety and new process, yeast breed which are necessary to test; also can be used to produce dark beer, red beer, fruit beer, warm beer, low alcohol beer, high alcohol beer, and zero alcohol beer etc. high grade beer, specially supply to bar, great hotel, ballroom etc. sites to advertise, taste and sale.
Whole set of equipment capacity: 0.5-5ton/batch brew
▲Raw material handling system
▲Brewhouse system
▲Fermentation system
▲Filter system
▲Bright beer system
▲Filling, barrel filling system
▲CIP system
▲Automatic control system
▲Brewing water treatment system
▲Yeast propagation system
The whole set of system fully collocate, equipment performance modern, operation easy, safe and stable. Can be operated process by fully automatic control, semi-automatic control and manual control etc. many ways.





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