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Name:Mini brewery and test equipment

     Draft beer is the higher drink among beer family, suitable hotel, restaurant, bar etc. self-brewing and sale on site. Mini brewery is a draft beer production line made according to process technology that our company absorbs from foreign modern technology. They are given birth to use early or late in Haikou city, Sanya city, Shantou city, Shenzhen city, Guangzhou city and Wenzhou city, all gained users high appraisement.
 Equipment feature
     1、Outlook beautiful and decent, equipments adopt cooper or stainless steel to fabricate, surface polished as mirror.
2.Adopt oil heating, electricity heating, need not boiler, operation easy.
3. Whole set of equipment is composition type, easy to load, unload and transportation, stand area small.
4. Production circumstance is sanitary and clean, no pollution and noise.
5. Investment few, income great, investment can be recovered within one year.

     Our company is in charge of design, fabrication, installation, and supply process, material composition etc. technology according to user whole set of drawings.





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