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Name:High efficiency sterilized air filter

Product characteristic 
    1.High efficiency air filter is a new type, precise gas refine equipment. It is abroad used in beer, medicine, biology engine etc. industry air, possesses the advantages such as: efficiency high, flow speed range wide, air resistance small, intensity high, temperature patience good, stand area small, using span long, installation and maintenance easy.
    2.The gas can be filtered in brewery including: compressed air, CO2, N2, O2 etc which can be used in wort oxygen dosing, CO2 dosing, N2 sustain pressure etc. process.
Equipment feature
   1.Except filter core, others all adopt import sus304 or sus316 stainless steel, inner surface polished to ≤0.45μm, outer surface polished to ≤0.8μm or grit blasting.
   2.The filter can be steam sterilized by 130℃ 30min steam positive steam treatment, during sterilization, the pressure difference between inlet and outlet cannot exceed 0.35Mpa.

Technology parameters:
   1.Pre-filter core: material polypropylene, hole diameter 0.45μm;
   2.Final filter core: material ethane or   , hole diameter 0.01μm;
   3.Steam filter core: material stainless steel micro hole filter core;
   4.Filter efficiency: 99.999?, filter precision: 0.01μm;
   5.Filter effect: general bacteria number?3个/10ml, coliform is 0.
   6.Filter capacity: 5-60㎥/min;7.Operation pressure: 0.8Mpa.





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