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Name:Yeast dosing system

Product characteristic:
By collecting the wort flux signal value, pass to PLC, according to set procedure to add the yeast dosing flux, display the value by yeast flux meter. Finish the ration dosing yeast volume to wort, make the beer fermentation operated according to the process.

▲ Design and made same as the foreign product performance, main parts are famous brand product;
▲ Possess whole automatic and half automatic control which can effectively control the yeast dosing volume.
▲ Rotor type yeast dosing pump, adopt frequency conversion control, operation sanitary and easy.
▲ Adopt double seat valve dosing, yeast pipe and wort pipe separately detached, process sanitary.
▲ Dosing method can satisfy any process change requirement;
▲ Before and after yeast dosing, CIP procedure can independent finish.





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