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Name:CIP cleaning system

This system consists of hot water, alkali liquor, disinfector, recovery water, sterilized water etc. To clean bright beer tank, fermentation tank and pipeline system, can satisfy production sterilization requirement. This system adopts automatic or manual type choosed by user.

Equipment feature:
1.High efficiency of sterilization: can efficiently eliminate the alive substance pollution in equipment and pipeline, eliminate undissolved particulate adhering.
2.Safe, spare energy and circumstance preservation; alkali liquor, acid liquor can be automatic recycled in the closed system.
3.Economical and reliable: compare with the manual cleaning, greatly shorten the cleaning time, improve the working efficiency, the use of disinfector and water more scientific and reasonable.
4. Flexible and common used: system can single operate the acid cleaning, alkali cleaning, hot water wash etc. procedure, also can operate whole orientation automatic cleaning according to special cleaning procedure described by process.





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