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Name:Fermentation tank
Fermentation tank, bright beer tank jacket cooling type: alcohol semicircle cooling belt and ammonia cooling beehive jacket, vessel fabrication according to national standard. Tank inner is polished by automatic polisher, stainless steel fermentation tank inside surface roughness ≤0.6μm, stainless steel bright beer tank inside surface roughness ≤0.5μm. Tank top plant is the best product which is the result of our company many years experience accumulation, high precision, reposition exact. Bottom cone is constituted by double seat valve or nip type butterfly valve. Fermentation system adopts computer automatic control, has a set of perfect control system which can decrease labor and work intensity and reduce production cost.
The process effect of especially made cooling belt on the bottom cone:
1.Yeast deposit best.
2. Beer more bright.
3. During beer filtration, spare kieselgur (or kieselgur consumption per ton beer).





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