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Name:Hops dosing system

        Three-tanks type dosing system can separately add different kind and quality hops product according to different brewhouse process; also can add other additive (enzyme and medicine) etc; and also can used in syrup dosing for wort boiling. It is easy to use and operation is simple.

   Equipment feature
    ▲Whole set is made by stainless steel sus304, equipment look is beautiful and decent;
    ▲Vessel inside polish precision reach to 0.45μm, outside wall polish or grit blasting;
    ▲Up and down seal head no dead angle, high pressure patience, design pressure≤0.8Mpa;
    ▲Fully closed and no drive design, less space necessary, can be set on the second platform;
    ▲Installation easy, only connect the wort pipe, CIP pipe inlet and outlet, pipeline no dead angle;
    ▲Can equipped with one tank type, two-tanks type, three-tanks type etc. according to user requirement;
    ▲Also according to user requirement, fabricate hops dosing device with α—acid isomerous function.





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