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Name:Wort aerating system

Product feature:
Wort aerating system can make the sanitary air (oxygen) equally dissolve wort, make the wort reach to yeast propagation necessary oxygen content, namely 8-12mg/L; also can adjust the wort oxygen content according to the user requirement and make the yeast propagation reach to process requirement, improve the yeast quality to ensure the beer brewing quality.

▲Fixable stainless steel plate to install the wort aerating device;
▲Specially made Venturi tube for equally and prompt dissolve oxygen;
▲Tube sight glass to observe the wort aerating situation;
▲Sanitary air refine filter (0.01μm) and diaphragm gauge;
▲Needle regulation valve to regulate the air inlet flux;
▲Single direction valve to prevent air refluence;
▲Swing bend tube to change the aerating or sterilization;
▲Equipment types including DN50-DN150 etc.





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